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by Tarwin Stroh-SpijerSunday, July 12, 2009 [11:58 pm]

Ebert: "{Barker} possibly knows more about art in its many manifestations than the average gamer does"

What's he even trying to say here? Your average "gamer" is pretty much your average "person" these days and it's likely that that Clive does know more about art than the average person, being in the creative industry and all!

From the sounds of it Ebert should not be someone making comments on what games are. Has he even played a game? From his own words he will not because he has already judged them as failures. I guess it's good to have people (high profile) like this to fan the flames, to create debate, but it should have moved on by now to be argued by people who know what a game is. Have experienced a game (other than Pong).

Side note-ish: I met a woman a few days ago who had never played video games before. She'd seen people play them, but just really wasn't interested. She's an artist. She's only 26 (so we can't blame her being "old" and scared of technology or such). I immediately rushed her to a PS3 to play Flower. And watched. It was truly amazing. She was deeply moved, played intuitively and was hooked. Now think of someone who's never seen a movie before, but heard of them but was never really interested, they all sounded like "trash novels" to her. Then was shown a great "artistic" full film. And it changed their life. I think this is a great example of art doing it's thing.

PS: Thanks for Passage ... and your great discussion on games.

A comment: I really feel that if you're going to participate in deep discussion then you should at the very least give your name, not just initials. I see way too many people just flaming on blog comments or forums because they don't have to be responsible. They're invisible.


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