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by marx_lives@hotmail.cSaturday, October 4, 2008 [9:51 pm]

Well some notable reviewers of Art such as Horace, Longinus and Sir Phillip Sidney something to say about what qualifies as art in their essays; The Art of Poetry, On the Sublime, and in the Defense of Poesy. In all these works they define Art is that which delights and teaches. Braid, Planescape Torment, and Ultima IV would be good examples of games that delight and teach. The problem with many of games is that their sole interest is to delight. Doom 3 is fun but what lessons applicable to real life are learned. Do we walk away from the game with our awareness of self heightened and contributive to the greater good of society? I don't agree with Egbert's view on literature because stories like Hamlet do not have definite moral absolutes though the plots have a physical end. At the end of Braid the audience should be asking questions about time and memory that either support or challenge Jonathan Blow's work. Egbert is not aware of these apparent truths of art and it shows me that his knowledge of Art is obscure and convoluted. In the simple words of my Medieval Literature professor “Creative writing majors who spout out that Art is solely an emotional pursuit of a obscure purpose are speaking horse shit.” Maybe his words are crude but anyone who studies literary Greats with a smidgen of critical analysis skills realizes that their works do have an intended technical structure and that they are communicating a specific message. Jonathan Blow, good job in providing a significant game to the poetic genre.


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