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by raiganTuesday, October 16, 2007 [1:02 pm]

I just want to provide some concrete examples of what my complaint was concerning:

"walk in front of a crate and also jump on top of it"

"an unjumpable gap in one projection that becomes jumpable after rotating the world"

"reveal fez tokens that are hidden in the structure's nooks and crannies"

All three puzzles are things which occur in SPM.

Now, I realize that this "argument" was already discussed on TIGsource, but regardless it seems rather disingenuous to pretend as if these experiences are novel when in fact you've already seen these sorts of puzzles.

Again: THIS DOESN'T MEAN I DON'T LOVE FEZ! I just feel like it's a bit weird to go out of one's way to ignore similarities or parallels when reviewing a game, or to dwell on a novel mechanic when in fact the mechanic is not novel. It seems like it would be better to congratulate Fez for what it does right/better/different than SPM.


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