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by News is GoodSaturday, July 28, 2007 [7:02 am]

Let us agree on a few examples of art, e.g. Mona Lisa, Michaelangelo's David, Monet, Munch (nice alliteration, yeah?).

Then let us compare the most artistic games to these widely-accepted examples of art.

I think that we will find that games are not art at all. The medium that they are closest to is film, and as Ebert notes few films are artistic.

Then let us find artistic films, and compare games to them. Again, we will not be awed by these comparisons.

Finally, compare games to action movies. And there you have it.

(Yes, Shadow of the Collossus is like an action movie with some brooding emptiness in it. It is a welcome step in a more thoughtful direction. But I wouldn't go to an art gallery to see it.)


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