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by Adrien R.Monday, June 25, 2007 [7:39 am]

Yes indeed, Cultivation is one of those games which well...revolutionnize the world of video games as I know them today. After reading the essay I truly understood what this was all about...
All I can say is that it's incredible, for such a small program to be so true.
Don't think I'm some kind of fanatic that plays 24/7... I'm saying that Cultivation is the first game, in a sense, of it's kind and I'm sure that it can provide the base for many more interesting games of its kind. I hope it will stay Opensource as it started, so that more people can actually come to understand your essay: the fact that it is Opensource means it aplies to every community, once we look at it. A lot of human society's mechanics bases itself on this. A wonderful analysis, and a wonderful game. Thank you Jason Rohrer.


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