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by GuyFriday, February 23, 2007 [5:31 am]

Thanks for saying that thing about art in gameplay! I've been making semi-articulate noises in that same direction for years but because of lots of things, probably the main one being my badness as a programmer, I've never been able to do anything about it. A game which is artistic in the sense of A Mind Forever Voyaging or King of Dragon Pass may have genuine artistic qualities, but it's essentially just the abduction of the artistry of other media. The artistry in a game, to be unique to the realm of games, has to be in the quality of the gameplay. I think to a certain extent there's a feeling of "art" in games which have very highly crafted standard-gameplay-designs - just because of the admiration that seeing something done so well provokes (I'm thinking of something like Settlers of Catan here, where it's a very traditional "build things and win" design but just very skillfully done) but it's not the same as having gameplay which actually has something artistic in it. If I could, I would make a game about feeding a skittish horse. :)


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