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by AubreyWednesday, February 21, 2007 [11:01 am]

I felt the exact same way about that weird concession to convention with PoP's sand. I'm trying to think of reasons why they may have done it, but none are particularly convincing: It could be to do with how much of a "movement buffer" they had - they weren't able, perhaps, to store unlimited movement in memory. So, to explain that limitation, they provided the systems you saw (the radial bar which grows during regular play, and shrinks when you rewind time). That still doesn't explain why you'd bother to limit it to "sands", though.

Another possibility: there could have been some bizarre "game must last X hours" clause in the contract, which Ubi has been known to use in the past, and which has resulted in developers doing really devious shit just to reach that target - I have it on good authority that FarCry's monsters were jacked right up in the last few episodes to stop the game being anything close to a walk-through.

Still, this was a very insightful, very agreeable piece (It looks like you just needed an excuse to get it all out ;) ). Thanks for it, ArtHouse + JB. Really looking forward to Braid.


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