Arthouse Games
by Talanjan DhowSunday, February 11, 2007 [12:30 am]

I think that the true sacrifice
is to be found in the boycott.
They sacrifice the gratification
of showing their creation to the world
for the greater good of making sure
that future "controversial" games
are able to do so as well.

What a great game SCMRPG is. It transcends
its genre. Two boys turned their school
into a videogame. Now we get to explore
the mindset and the fallout of that. Why
can't we do this? Are we not all grownups?

This inane denial of reality will be the
downfall of this country. We still can't
look clearly at 11 Sept. What will we do
when the games of this day show up? Stick
our heads in the sand? That day looked like
a video game too. Just like the missle eye
view footage of the bombing of Baghdad looked
like a video game.

I can't understand why the sponsors are so
spooked by the art of SCMRPG. So I stand with
the boycotters. If we let this pass, it will
set a very bad precedent.

Finally, for your edification, I present the
following, which is the byline on your

"For those who do not fear sacrifice:
your souls will burn bright trails in the night sky."


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