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by PatrickSunday, February 4, 2007 [10:09 pm]

Did you hear about the documentary jury's attempt to give SCMRPG a special award? True, and perhaps the pearl of the whole scenario.

My picks:

Best Game: Steam Brigade

Best Documentary: King Of Kong

Best Feature: American Zombie

Best Short: The Back Of Her Head (The Mallorys Go Black Market is a good pick, and Duncan actually became pretty good friends with them, so I got to see it a second time and soak in what it was up to. Ultimately, I'm more down for multi-tiered situation comedy than fashion-oriented situation comedy, even if said fashion involves exploiting international cultural descrepancies, which I enjoyed.)

Best Animation: I like the one with the chick who dreamt of being a ronin, that was unbelievable dankness. Maybe it the same name.


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