Arthouse Games
by ShadusMonday, January 15, 2007 [6:06 pm]

> But what are we sacrificing in order to make that
> point? When two sides are fighting, they often
> ruin the commons for everyone. In fact, I can
> imagine this being Slamdance Games' last year.
> Wouldn't that be a shame? One less indie games
> festival.

What do you sacrifice by staying though? To me it seems like you're sacrificing your integrity, you know it was wrong, admit it was wrong, and yet you still want the approval and the win for your game so much that you're willing to sit back and let the wrong go.

Honestly, a rigged contest is no contest at all, I hope slamdance goes out after this year and after what has happened seeing someone advertise as a slamdance finalist or winner from this year forward would not be helping their chances of me downloading and trying or buying their game.


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