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by JabrwockThursday, January 11, 2007 [3:49 pm]

Granted the outside world really won't notice. But even if they did hear of the protests, the end result of Slamdance cancelling the Guerilla Games might well spawn a "who cares" from such people. Especially if Baxter plays up the idea that the festival failed because the entrants decided not to play nice and went home.

So I can understand the fear of the consequences of everyone pulling out. I can't agree though, because if the festival has lost the credibility, then is it worth supporting just to ensure the message gets out?

If the mass media doesn't take notice of the entrants and sponsors pulling out, and might not notice the Guerilla Games being shut down, it's also possible that they will equally ignore any attempt to use one's screening to discuss the issue...


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