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by RinkuHeroWednesday, January 10, 2007 [7:58 pm]

I'd like to reply to this part:

"We had one terrible thing happen, which was SCMRPG being pulled, and now we're having another terrible thing happen, which is Slamdance being ruined. Yes, we're trying to make a point, trying to "show" people that we as game designers won't stand up for this. But what are we sacrificing in order to make that point? When two sides are fighting, they often ruin the commons for everyone. In fact, I can imagine this being Slamdance Games' last year. Wouldn't that be a shame? One less indie games festival."

First, it was really the decision to remove the game that ruined the festival, not the protests. It was a natural result of that prior action, so most of the responsibility for ruining Slamdance is Slamdance's.

Second, of course indie festivals are good things, but there's no reason why other festivals with more integrity can't replace this one. If this one falls, a few new ones will almost certainly come up in its place, and they'll have the advantage of having learned the lesson of this one. Besides, it's arguably better to have none than to have ones that aren't truly fair competitions.


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